Your mom is hurting, you are hurting, so the pain is real for you both. You will find joy and comfort as you turn to God with this problem. I pray that you will find peace …Give it all to God. I am so sorry to hear of you having to grieve alone.

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But I grieve more for the dog I had euthanized 2 weeks before my brother died. I worked in Hospice for 5 years and the experiences I had made me realize that it was ok to be estranged or to not like someone or to grieve differently. I do feel bad for my other siblings, though.

This was on top of multiple people both in my and my exes lifedyeing with in a few years. I’m lucky strike tattoo having a hard time to forgive my biological father, who was kicked out of the house by my mother. I was barely a year old when this happened. I think it’s brave of mom to exit from an abusive relationship. For starters that means there is no suitable person to talk about it and actually although she was overwhelmingly evil; we did share some small, short bonded moments. I am her daughter and have no sister only a brother.

  • It’s probably not even recommended that you do this.
  • He was the rock of the family full of love and wisdom and optimism.
  • That would explain why she does not want to come to the U.S. it is not just her staying behind with her family.
  • Help ensure the words you choose will not unknowingly cause that person more pain.
  • They think that they will not burn in the lowest ,hottest parts of hell for their evil deeds.
  • However since his death my anger towards him has fadded away and now I’m definitely grieving… For the relationship I wish we had mostly I think.

Saying over and over again that this kid “is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen” when his wife has been gone three months? It’s poontang, pure and simple. What’s the difference, really, in Art going after a post-teen and what happened to Art’s son years back? Men crave youth, but not all men are fool enough to go after youth. I hope Ramona DOES, as Art said, give Art that kick in the ass.

Changing Family Dynamics:

You’re not alone, I have not spoken with my father in over 5 years and over the last 40 years of my life, he has dipped in and out of my life with no consistent relationship. We both tired and we both gave up. I lost my mom 13 years ago and now on August 31st 2018 my 78 year old father passed away and I am a roller coaster of emotions.

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I also wonder where he got the impression th at we aspire to be Japanese( ???) Hispanics maybe but not the Japanese. But even Hispanics today do not mind sharing their “surnames” to their Asian brothers who they have colonized for 3 centuries. Americans helped then-Philippine leader Ramon Magsaysay to develop it for worldwide commerce.

Indeed it expresses what I have thought to myself. I was able to share this with some important people in my life that would welcome this explanation. What a blessing it was to find this. I regret that you had so much pain for so many years. God brought you through and I would not even think twice about what his family did or did not do. You are a strong woman and are so blessed to have such a loving family.

I think i gave my husband a heart attack from talking about money. When we got back to his house… I was floored.. His extended family took care of everything. They really put so much effort into it. But the first thing his brother asked me was to put in all the paper work for my husband’s pension.

I had also discussed this trip with my mother, prior to her illness and she was so happy that my husband and I were taking this trip and that we were going to visit her family and roots. I was going only for 4 weeks and would return. What happened is that my 2 sisters did not agree with my decision to take this trip because I left them to tend to my father while I was gone. I distinctly told them that I would do my part when I return and that they would be able to take a break then.