The nearest official Weather Station was Newtown Linford, about 5 miles (8.0 km) northwest of Leicester city centre and just outside the edge of the urban area. The current nearest weather station is Market Bosworth, about 10 miles west of the city centre. It is believed that the Romans arrived in the Leicester area around AD 47, during their conquest of southern Britain. The Corieltauvian settlement lay near a bridge on the Fosse Way, a Roman road between the legionary camps at Isca and Lindum . It remains unclear whether the Romans fortified and garrisoned the location, but it slowly developed from around the year 50 onwards as the tribal capital of the Corieltauvians under the name Ratae Corieltauvorum.

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Droughts can also, occasionally, be a problem, especially in summer, most recently in summer 2018, and with much drier than average conditions prevailing from May to December. However, the most consecutive days without rain was 73 days in the spring of 1893. The Greater London Council was abolished in 1986, leaving London with no central administration until 2000 and the creation of the Greater London Authority.

  • The town – which only had approximately 2,000 defenders opposed to the Royalist Army of approximately 10,000 combatants – was sacked on 31 May 1645, and hundreds of people were killed by Rupert’s cavalry.
  • Had on the job training and had training on new products.
  • In 2003, a congestion charge was introduced to reduce traffic volumes in the city centre.
  • One of London’s best-known annual sports competitions is the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, held at the All England Club in the south-western suburb of Wimbledon since 1877.
  • This article is about the capital city of England and the United Kingdom.
  • In particular the genres UK garage, drum and bass, dubstep and grime evolved in the city from the foreign genres of house, hip hop, and reggae, alongside local drum and bass.

More recently, Greater London has been defined as a region of England and in this context is known as London. In 2008, Time named London alongside New York City and Hong Kong as Nylonkong, hailing them as the world’s three most influential global cities. In January 2015, Greater London’s population was estimated to be 8.63 million, its highest since 1939.

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After the Union of the Crowns, Prince Charles, later King Charles I, travelled to London with his guardian Alexander Seton. The royal party stayed at Leicester for three days in August 1604 at the townhouse of William Skipwith. At the end of the War of the Roses, King Richard III was buried in Leicester’s Greyfriars Church a Franciscan Friary and Church which was demolished after its dissolution in 1538. The site of that church is now covered by King Richard III Visitor Centre . It was concluded that the skeleton was that of Richard III because of the DNA evidence and the shape of the spine.

After Leicester became a city again in 1919, the city council applied to add to the arms. Permission for this was granted in 1929, when the supporting lions, from the Lancastrian Earls of Leicester, were added. After a long period of Labour administration , the city council from May 2003 was run by a Liberal Democrat/Conservative coalition under Roger Blackmore, which collapsed in November 2004.

According to Eurostat, London is the second most populous metropolitan area in Europe. A net 726,000 immigrants arrived there in the period 1991–2001. Amphibians are common in the capital, including smooth newts living by the Tate Modern, and common frogs, common toads, palmate newts and great crested newts. On the other hand, native reptiles such as slowworms, common lizards, barred grass snakes and adders, are mostly only seen in Outer London. Part of the varied architectural heritage are the 17th-century churches by Wren, neoclassical financial institutions such as the Royal Exchange and the Bank of England, to the early 20th century Old Bailey and the 1960s Barbican Estate.

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Terraced properties sold for an average of £819,224, with semi-detached properties fetching £776,871.. • London’s affordability challenge is much starker than elsewhere in the country and the need for affordable housing greater. Average house prices in the capital are 93% higher than the UK average.

It is mainly spoken by upper-class and upper-middle class Londoners. The 2011 census showed that 36.7% of Greater London’s population were born outside the UK. Some of the German-born population were likely to be British nationals born to parents serving in the British Armed Forces in Germany. Estimates by the Office for National Statistics indicate that the five largest foreign-born groups living in London in the period July 2009 to June 2010 were born in India, Poland, the Republic of Ireland, Bangladesh and Nigeria.