The tiger has lived in various countries throughout eastern Asia, including Korea and Mongolia. This tiger is most closely related to the Caspian tiger, which is extinct. This is a dog breed that is a crossbreed of a Poodle and an Old English Sheepdog. The dog looks as though it could be a stuffed animal and has become more popular recently. This breed can come in many sizes and colors because it is a mixed breed.

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  • Skunks are mammals that mostly live in North and South America.
  • The plumage is usually dark with a sheen that appears metallic.
  • A skunk is a small mammal with black-and-white fur and a fluffy yet disheveled tail.
  • This species of bird includes 90 different types of swallow.
  • They survive in grasslands and deserts by excavating the earth to make burrows as their hiding spots.
  • This plant-like aquatic critter is the “flower of the sea” because it resembles a colorful flower attached to rocks.

This dog is from the Shetland Islands in Scotland and was originally named the Shetland Collie. This dog is still great at herding, but is usually just a pet or is a working dog. This is a small breed from Belgium that is a type of spitz. They are sometimes called little black foxes because they are mischievous and have a lot of energy. There are certainly many animals out there that start with the letter S. You may, or may not know some of them, but it’s certainly going to be a pretty long list.

Animals That Start With V

They ethnic dog names might lack brain, heart, and blood, but this aquatic creature has a unique ability to regrow new limbs and even its whole body. This relative of the manatee is named after Georg Wilhelm Steller. This sea cow was a very social animal and lived in family groups. The slow animal was overhunted for fat, meat, and hide until its extinction.

Animals That Start With N

This cat breed is a large breed and is the largest cat breed. Those cats directly of a serval and domestic cat tend to be more like servals and are larger. This dog breed belongs to the spitz family and was bred as a sled dog. Though this dog looks similar to the Alaskan Malamute, it is smaller.

The cilia, which come in colors such as green, violet, blue, and purple, help the creature during movement. The creature likes to live in zones ranging from intertidal zones or deeper in the Northern Hemisphere. All photos used are royalty-free, and credits are included in the Alt tag of each image.

Spiders also have another unique characteristic – they are silk-producing creatures. They use their spinnerets to create silk threads for their webs. They make use of these spun webs to trap their prey and guard their spider eggs against predators. A squid has similar features to an octopus since both are cephalopods or marine creatures with limbs or arms attached to their head. Squids also have eight tentacles and three hearts that pump blue blood and expel black ink to ward off predators. However, their heads are triangular-shaped, while octopuses have rounded ones.


Sea anemones may also look harmless , but do take note that they love feeding on small fish, mollusks, and crustaceans. I bet there will be a few new S animals that you’ll encounter on this list. This tiger is a native to the Sunda Islands of Indonesia and is the only surviving tiger population in the area.